by Nancy A. Pritchard, Certified Life Mastery Consultant

The Not So Big Christmas Project – Day 2

                      Saying “No” Does Not Make You a Scrooge


Today, let’s spend some time looking at what you’d rather avoid this holiday season. What is it that’s causing you to dread the upcoming month of December? Perhaps it’s:

*The pressure to buy just the right gift (or two, or three) for every person in your extended family

*The crowds, the traffic and/or the lines at your local mall, not to mention the prices

*The expectation that you’ll continue to make all the homemade cookies for the church’s Christmas bake sale

*The obligatory holiday parties – including the obligatory office party along with the obligatory Secret Santa gift

*The dreaded realization that even though you’ll burn the candle at both ends all month, not everyone will be satisfied with your holiday efforts

*Having to compose your yearly Christmas letter, while making it just as comprehensive and even more clever than last year’s


Make your list as thorough as you like. Take your time. Be ruthless. And remember, you are not being a Scrooge for admitting that you no longer enjoy these activities.

Now, choose the activities that cause you the most stress and make the bold decision to skip those time-consuming energy suckers this year.

Here’s one example: Imagine telling the church bake sale chairperson, “I’ve decided to simplify Christmas for myself and my family this year, so I won’t be baking cookies for the bake sale.” True, you might receive a shocked glance and guilt-producing, “Oh, dear! But your cookies are one of our top sellers!”

Even if you feel the guilt, stand your ground. Know that the world (and the bake sale) will go on without your famous cookies! And a free night sipping hot chocolate by the fire instead of slaving away in the kitchen beats pleasing the bake sale chair any day of the week!