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Pritchard Management Associates has a long history of product diversity. Read on to see the other consulting and support services we offer.

Want to infuse some energy into your next event? Carl Pritchard regularly presents at breakfasts, professional meetings, seminars and internal gatherings, bringing his humor, energy and empathy to your gathering.

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Ready to take project management to the next level? Need training in project fundamentals, scheduling, cost management, risk, communications, presentation skills or PMP® Certification Exam preparation?

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Carl was the architect of ESI International’s renowned on-line, instructor-led training programs. He authored and managed Managing Projects in Organizations-The CD-ROM with J. Davidson Frame. He continuously teaches in the online environment, and has consulted a number of organizations as they have worked to build their on-line and CBT instructional capabilities. Pritchard Management Associates can provide insights on potential issues, costs, and approaches, as well as close associations with some of the best providers in the business.

Presentation Coach

Pritchard Management Associates will work with you to ensure that you have the right level of energy, excitement and insight in your next presentation. Discover the nuances of a high-quality presentation that leaves audiences engaged and energized. We’ll review the presentation content, the proposed delivery and the overall approach, providing valuable coaching every step of the way.

Professional Writing

Pritchard Management Associates have researched and written white papers for Fortune 50 companies, as well as numerous articles for publications around the globe. Pritchard Management Associates will consider opportunities for co-authorship, mass market publication, and vanity press.

Project Office Support

Pritchard Management Associates provides consulting support for organizations needing a project mentor or project office mentor. Such consulting can be provided in person or via the web. We offer consulting support on general project planning, methodology development and support, team development, and risk management.

Professional Voiceovers

Carl Pritchard’s work history includes almost a decade in professional radio, where he served as news director for a number of media outlets, including WASH-FM in Washington. His voice work is now regularly heard on a number of e-training web sites, as well as several commercial web sites. Need a voice for your next audiobook? Carl can be that voice.

New Product/Project Development

Need a creative mind? Have an unusual idea that’s close, but not quite there? Have a concept, but need someone to flesh it out? Pritchard Management Associates ascribes to the school of thought that fun and inventive ideas should be pursued. Let us help fill the gaps.

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