By Nancy A. Pritchard, Life Mastery Consultant

A Guest Blog on the Not-So-Big Christmas


The Not So Big Christmas – Day 10

                     Radical Holiday Reboot: Pick ONE Thing  



Radical reboot idea: Choose one aspect of the holiday that you enjoy most and give it your total time and attention. Ignore (or do as little as possible with) everything else.

Possibilities include:

*You have children in your life and you love playing Santa. You believe that buying gifts for the kids keeps the spirit of Kris Kringle alive and well. So, do it and enjoy it! Inform the other adults in your life that you’ll be totally child focused this year.

*If you love decorating a Christmas tree, make that the focus of your holiday celebration. Put on some great music, gather a few friends together and make ‘trimming the tree night’ the highlight of your holiday. (When I was a single adult, this was my favorite holiday activity.)

*If you love holiday entertaining, have a fabulous party and enjoy that celebration to the fullest. Gifs pale in comparison to spending time with the people you enjoy most.

*You’ve had it with the blatant commercialism of the season. Devote your time and energy to serving those in need. Get in touch with your favorite charitable organization. They’ll have plenty of opportunities for you to serve and contribute.


This simplified holiday suggestion of choosing only one thing may seem too radical for many people.  That’s okay. You might consider it, then decide not to use it at all. Or, you might consider a modified version. Remember, this is YOUR holiday celebration! As always, my suggestion is to keep simplifying until you’ve created the holiday that feels just right to you.

Also, remember, The Not So Big Christmas suggests you try these ideas just for this year!  You can always add items next season if you feel your simplified holiday was somewhat lackluster.