A Guest blog by Nancy A. Pritchard, Certified Life Mastery Consultant

The Not So Big Christmas Project –  

     Day 1 – Create a Vision for Your Happy Holiday


What would you love your upcoming holiday to look like?  Pause to remember your favorite Christmas memoires. What would you love to repeat? What new ideas would you enjoy incorporating into the festivities?

List at least three things you would love your holiday to include.  Some examples might be:

*Driving around town with your family to find your favorite Christmas light displays

*Attending Christmas Mass

*Sharing the annual holiday lunch with three of your closest friends

*Braving the brisk December air to sing carols with your church choir

*Enjoying the excitement of your young children (or grandchildren) as December 25 draws near


No ideas are too big or too small.  Personally, I’m choosing to create a Not So Big Christmas this year. You might desire a busier Christmas season that includes more bells and whistles, and that’s absolutely fine.

If you’ve come up with a fairly long list of items, do NOT feel obliged to include all of them in your holiday festivities. Don’t make this another ‘to do’ list! It’s simply an ‘I would really love that’ list. You can then choose to include the activities that mean the most to you.

Tomorrow, we’ll spend some time considering the opposite end of the ‘I would love that’ spectrum. Stay tuned!