A Guest Blog from Nancy A. Pritchard, Certified Life Mastery Consultant

Over the years, I’ve talked with many people who dread the thought of the holiday season approaching. Some say they love Thanksgiving, but Christmas makes them way too anxious. It makes sense to me.  The Christmas season can be fraught with endless expectations, from gift buying and wrapping, to your presence being ‘required’ at events you’d rather not attend, not to mention the excess food and drink everywhere, the trips to the mall and/or the online orders to juggle. And then there are the painful numbers to contend with in January – specifically the numbers on your bathroom scale and the hefty balance due on your card.

What if Christmas didn’t have to include all the excess? What if you could create a holiday season that felt just right to you? If your Christmases of late have felt way to extreme, maybe this year you’d like to consider opting out of some of the craziness and creating a Not So Big Christmas.

That’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. Come along with me for the next three weeks. I’ve put together 15 holiday right-sizing possibilities for your consideration. My hope is that some of these ideas might inspire all of us to set realistic limits this holiday season. Then, maybe we can actually enjoy some of that peace on earth we’ve all been longing for!


Many blessings for your holidays,



Nancy A. Pritchard

Life Mastery Consultant/Holiday Rat Race Dropout 😊