Before the Constitution..and before the Declaration, there was…The Mayflower Compact.  John Carver was the man in charge…but, as was the norm then, as now, he died. 

Enter William Bradford.  A bit of a visionary, he determined that their little agrarian, New England society would be share and share alike.  And something interesting happened.  People didn’t share well.  Many felt they’d just wait for someone else to grow crops and then they’d take that share.  Those that grew healthy crops were reticent to give theirs up to the less-productive.  The experiment in agrarian communism lasted a whopping ONE year.  They shifted gears, still with Bradford in charge, and let each citizen retain his output.  And they had a MUCH better year.  And Bradford was re-elected governor.  Again, and again, and again…for 30 one-year terms.

Why bring this up on the Independence Day weekend?  Bradford set much of the stage on which our political story plays out today.  When you are grateful for retaining the fruits of your labors, and when you are celebrating your ability to sing that song loud and proud…say THANKS to William Bradford.

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Join us, won’t you?  And when you’re celebrating with that hot dog this weekend…thank the freedoms you enjoy…and the people like William Bradford with the vision to make them happen.

Carl Pritchard