By Nancy A. Pritchard, Certified Life Mastery Consultant

The Not So Big Christmas Project – Day 4

                                    The Declaration of (Holiday) Independence


So, you and your nearest and dearest are on the same page (as much as possible) about how you will spend the holidays. That’s a great start! Now it’s time to let your extended family and friends know about your revised plans for the season. It’s possible that your declaration might give them license to rethink their plans for the holiday season as well. The very things that stress and overwhelm you might affect them in the same way.

*Aunt Susie might say, “To tell you that truth, that huge party is really getting to be too much for me to coordinate every year.  This will be my last year hosting.”

*Your brother might offer, “You don’t want to exchange gifts this year? Oh, thank God! We spend so much money on that every year. We wanted to stop that tradition years ago, but we were afraid to rock the boat.”


Be honest about your desire to ENJOY the holiday season again.  Let the people in your life know you’re not snubbing them. It’s the commercialism, the extremism, and the allover holiday insanity that you’ve had enough of.   You are NOT a Scrooge for saying ‘No.’

Will everyone understand your new-found freedom from holiday expectations?  Perhaps not. If they have never stopped to question their own holiday traditions, they may not be open to hearing about your new-found independence.


Nevertheless, stand strong. And be ready to offer some alternatives.

*If Aunt Susie is ‘devasted’ that you won’t be coming to her party, offer to take her and Uncle Fred out for lunch the weekend after Christmas. “We don’t really get to visit with you two at the party, and we’d love to have the chance sit down and talk with you.”

*If your brother insists that you continue with the extended family gift exchange, say, “I just want to you know that we’ve decided to opt out this year. If you feel the need to ‘get’ us something, we’d love it if you would you please give to charity in our name instead.”

Now I ask you, would a Scrooge say that?! 😊