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His classes have been called “funny”, “engaging”, “warm”, “insightful”, and “compelling.” More importantly, they’ve been called “MEMORABLE.” In preparing for the PMP® Certification Exam, there’s nothing more frustrating than wondering… Am I studying the right stuff? Wonder no more. KNOW. And Remember.

Join Carl Pritchard, PMP®, PMI-RMP® in a 35-hour excursion into knowing what you need to know to know you’ll pass the Project Management Institute’s PMP® Certification Exam. He’ll walk through the resume process (and warn you about some of the “red flags” they look for in audits), and through each of the ten knowledge areas with tools, tips and techniques to brace yourself for the joy that is the PMP® exam.


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Pritchard Management Associates (in cooperation with the Montgomery County Chapter of PMI®) hosts PMP® Certification Exam Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this guy?

He’s an instructor who has taught with PMI® for over a decade at the National Symposia and Congresses and who is actually pretty entertaining. He’s also a skilled facilitator and mentor who makes information stick.

What will the course cover?

The course works through the resume process, the TEN knowledge areas, professional responsibility and the mind-frame required to pass the PMP®.

How much time after the course should elapse before I’m ready to sit for the exam?

That depends on the individual. If you finish the course and feel like the entire thing was a refresher of content you knew, two weeks to brush up on content should suffice. For every knowledge area where you say to yourself, “Darn! There were a lot of terms there that I never heard before!” or “We never do it that way at [insert your organization’s name here]”…add a week to your preparation time. Most folks find that a week or two after the course is adequate to steel them for the experience.

Others do practice tests (FREE WITH THE COURSE) from the moment they register, and are ready mere HOURS after the class.

What course materials will I get?

You’ll get a copy of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. You’ll get a copy of “The Project Management Drill Book” by your instructor. You’ll get the course handouts! You’ll get USB Flash Drive dripping with audio, video and data!

You’ll also get the course handouts which are invaluable in preparing for the exam, but prove utterly worthless as a long-term reference.

AND WAIT…There’s MORE! You get immediate access to a powerful, web-based exam experience, coupled with audio files to help you practice, practice, practice.

What if I fail?

You won’t. Attitude is everything. You need to believe that you’ll pass this thing. Carl has led over 3200 students through the PMP® experience who have successfully passed the exam. Only 4% have ever reported back that they did not pass on the first try.

Once I receive the course materials in the mail, is it all up to me?

Yes and no. You’ll determine whether or not you pass by your levels of preparation and hard work. But as you continue your studies, Carl becomes your e-mail mentor. He always responds within 24 hours and clarifies content you’ll wrestle with right up to exam day. So yes, we can’t take the exam for you. But no, you’ll always have Carl’s personal support right up to the time you walk into the center and start pushing those buttons.

He’ll be sitting at his laptop WAITING for your assignments. (Oh, yes, there are assignments…) And he’ll turn around your questions and your assignment evaluations within 24 hours. ALWAYS.

I have more questions than when I started. Is there someone I can talk to?

Talk to the maestro himself. Pop Carl an e-mail with any pre-exam questions or concerns. He’ll respond within 24 hours and try to clarify anything he can. (His email is ) or, leave a message on his cell phone, and he’ll try to get back to you in a timely fashion (although frankly, he’s more timely on e-mail than cell phone calls).

I’m convinced. How do I sign up?

LAST VIRTUAL PMP PREP COURSE!“>Register for PMP® Exam Preparation today!


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