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PMI-RMP® Exam Preparation

30 Hours of Virtual Training – 30 PDUs

The Virtual Edition! His classes have been called “funny”, “engaging”, “warm”, “insightful”, and “compelling.” More importantly, they’ve been called “MEMORABLE.” In preparing for the PMI-RMP® Certification Exam, there’s nothing more frustrating than wondering… Am I studying the right stuff? Wonder no more. KNOW. And Remember.

Join Carl Pritchard, PMP®, PMI-RMP®, EVP in a 100-podcast excursion into knowing what you need to know to know you’ll pass the Project Management Institute’s PMP® Certification Exam. He’ll walk through the resume process (and warn you about some of the “red flags” they look for in audits), and through each of the four risk domains (plus professional responsibility) with tools, tips and techniques to brace yourself for the joy that is the PMI-RMP® exam.

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Who is This Guy?

He’s an instructor who has taught with PMI® for over a decade at the National Symposia and Congresses and who is actually pretty entertaining. He’s also a skilled facilitator and mentor who makes information stick.

How Does This Work?

PMI-RMP® Prep Support takes participants through the risk management process and the exam process from beginning to end. The process for the program is as follows:

1) Students register for and pay for the program using a registration form (

2) Within three business days, their materials are shipped to them (arriving within 10 days), including: an index of the available podcasts and their virtual locations, a copy of the PMI-RMP® Certification Exam Preparation handouts used during the public courses offered by Pritchard Management Associates and PMI-Baltimore, a copy of Carl Pritchard’s text Risk Management: Concepts & Guidance, a copy of the Project Management Drill Book (also by Carl) and a welcome letter explaining their ability to access their instructor at any time. The course workbook will include a minimum of 175 practice questions, but may be expanded to include additional questions in the months to come.

3) Students will access the podcasts from a non-secure website (or take them from the included CD) and will have the option of downloading them or listening to them on-line.

4) Following a detailed syllabus, participants will submit to Pritchard Management Associates for review and scoring. Follow the directions in the extensive syllabus, and earn 30 PDUs!

5) Participants will receive a PDF certificate upon reaching their completion milestone. The PDUs will be eligible for both PMI-RMP® and PMP® credit.

6) Pritchard Management Associates will also be available with 24-hour turnaround for any student questions that arise during the course of the virtual training. (And on an ongoing basis until participants successfully pass the exam).

After Class, Is It All Up to Me?

After the course, is it all up to me? Yes and no. You’ll determine whether or not you pass by your levels of preparation and hard work. But as you continue your studies, Carl becomes your e-mail mentor. He always responds within 24 hours and clarifies content you’ll wrestle with right up to exam day. So yes, we can’t take the exam for you. But no, you’ll always have Carl’s personal support right up to the time you walk into the center and start pushing those buttons.

still have questions!

I have more questions than when I started. Is there someone I can talk to? Talk to the maestro himself. Pop Carl an e-mail with any pre-exam questions or concerns. He’ll respond within 24 hours and try to clarify anything he can. (His email is carl ) or, leave a message on his cell phone, and he’ll try to get back to you in a timely fashion (although frankly, he’s more timely on e-mail than cell phone calls).

You will pass! It’s all about the attitude…

Register for PMI-RMP® Exam Prep today!

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