Keynote Speaking

He's energized, he's knowledgeable, but most of all...he's memorable!

Want to infuse some energy into your next event? Carl Pritchard regularly presents at breakfasts, professional meetings, seminars and internal gatherings, bringing his humor, energy and empathy to your gathering. On topics ranging from “Lessons Learned” to “Team Motivation,” he can tailor his presentation to your organization, your goals and your specific needs.

From an hour to a day (or longer), he’ll keep the audience engaged and active…participating and enthused. And he’ll work with you to ensure your message is woven into his unique style.

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“Presence and obvious expertise coupled with a personality that you cannot help but like.”

Manager, Origin Technology

“Carl is by far one of the best corporate educators I’ve experienced.”

Project Manager, Gruppe Schneider

“Great! An enormous amount of information covered thoroughly and efficiently.”

Project Manager, Information Systems

“A rare talent.”

Senior manager, SGI

“Carl is a natural teacher.”

Project Manager, SCE

“It is rare you have an expert facilitator for an excellent [set of] course subject matter. Carl Pritchard is that expert!!”

Project Manager, SCE

“Carl should be a stand-up comic in his next life!”

Project Manager, Insurance

“A true Project Management hero with a degree in comedy psychology.”

Carmen Wright, Project Manager, TSYS

“He captures the audience’s attention at all times”

Manager, EDF. TorreLas Mercedez

“Carl is a natural teacher”

Project Manager, SCE

“Very charismatic”

Project Manager, Telecommunicationst

“Carl’s great! I remember the information because he is so good.”

Manager, Norwest Mortgage

“Enthusiastic and energetic”

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